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Hello to all of our Yorkie lovers out there just like to give you an update on our babies, unfortunate there are no babies available at this time but keep checking for updates  



  "Letty's Paws and Feathers"  

A lot of thought, time and love have been put into these babies, to ensure they get off to a happy, healthy start to life ! I have been there for them from the time they were born, I have picked them up, held and loved them daily since then.When their eyes and ears opened, I was the first person they saw and heard.I offered them thier first solid foods, I introduced them to different sights, sounds and surfaces to build thier confidence. I was the first to bathe and groom them, I have showed them


It is up to the proud new owner from here on to take responsibility for this precious life and love, socialize & train thier new puppy. So he or she can grow up to be the beautiful, well mannered adult they invisioned !













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                             so if you've adopted one of our babies feel free to submit your 


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