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We are pleased to announce that our Mommie "Baby" the Conure Parrot has given us a clutch of 4 , We will soon know how many have actually come into life. As for right now 3 out of the 4 haved hatched and we'll know if the others will be as lucky as these little precious featherd babies. These cuties won't last so your welcome to place your deposit to reserve yours for when the time comes and their ready to go to their new homes with thier new mommies.  





   Our little feathered babies have finally arrived, We are proud to announce that three of them were lucky enough to see the light. these little feathered babies will be weaned and ready to go to their new homes by the following dates, as they tend to arrive in different dates...                                    


First Born:     2/14/11    Weined: 4/16/11 

Second Born: 2/16/11    Weined: 4/17/11

Third Born:    2/18/11    Weined: 4/19/11

Forth Born:    2/20/11    Weined: 4/21/11 

Please check our price list in the Bird Pricing Page for more information on their prices due to speices on each baby bird....


We hope to satisfied all your needs and hope that we can hear of your experiance in your purchase of your new baby, so please feel free to visit our testimonial section and let us know how we did. 

                                              Thank you,

                                             Letty Almeida