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                                        GREEN CHEEK CONURES


Very few people are aware of the amazing personality of the Green Cheek Conure.

This is mainly because the name "Conure"  is quickly associated with the loud and

temperamental Conures of the  "Aratinga" speices.  The green cheeks belong to a completely

different family called "Pyrrhura Conures". The first characteristic that differentiates the

Pyrrhura family is the quietness of it's members. The Green Cheek Conure produces a whistle

sound and at times a screechy sound that is not disturbing at all! it is ideal for those people

that want the size and intelligence of a Conure without the noise associated with other

Conure Species.

Green Cheeks are very cuddly and affectionate birds that enjoy human companionship. Their

behavior sometimes reminds one of a dog because they usually like to be belly up and be tickled

around the neck and chest area. Once bonded, some purr just like cats do! Some of them go

through a nipping stage right after weaning. It is a way for them to ecplore and adjust to the

environment. It is important that during this phase the bird will not lose trust in humans! Never react

negatively to their nipping but patiently redirect the behavior by offering food or a "time out" place with

some toy! It is important to add that many of them never go through this nipping stage.


Green Cheeks love spending time outside their cage. They enjoy sitting on the shoulder or playing on a stand. Their cage should be large with plenty of toys. They love to play with toys and climb ladders and ropes. They are inquisitive little clowns!


Green Cheeks are very comical but are not able to talk much. They can be taught to say few words. Nevertheless, they have a body language all of their own!